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The LifeHikes® Loop

The success of an organization is built on the abilities of its individuals. Grow your team’s communication, sales and leadership skills in this comprehensive, ongoing training program.

What Is The Loop?

Gone Are The Days Of One And Done Training

The Loop is an ongoing training program that offers a variety of learning experiences over an extended period of time. Structured to maximize skill growth and return, your team will rapidly build their skills in communication, sales, leadership and life.

The Loop features a team-based learning environment, pre-and-post AI assessments, proprietary technology, and access to multiple live, coach-led training sessions. Best part, it’s fun!

Why It Really Works

Want to grow company sales, make meetings shorter, manage projects better, boost morale and increase retention? It all starts with the skillset of your team. The most powerful, long-lasting, and affordable way to invest in and grow your team members is the LifeHikes Loop.

Team-Based Learning

The benefits of team training, where everyone shares in collective learning experiences together, extend even further for your business. Learning in community provides heightened engagement, elicits a greater sense of joy, and promotes shared responsibility for business outcomes. That’s why learning experiences in the Loop are done live, instructor-led and with the same team.

Ongoing Trainining

Just like you wouldn’t go to the gym for one day and think you’re done for the year, you can’t just attend one training and expect exponential change. Imagine your team on a lifelong journey – a quest for information and growth. With LifeHikes as the guide, Loop participants are exposed to multiple trainings and delivery formats covering a large range of skills.

Technology-Supported Learning

Using a combination of our proprietary LifeHikes® Mobile App and human coaching, we collect assessment data through video recordings which are scored by A.I. and our Professional Training Assessment Scorers. Think of this assessment as a starting point. It is followed by another assessment and a comprehensive report at the end of a training to quantify improvement! Participants go from: “I think I’m getting better” to “I can see myself getting better… and the hard data proves it.”

World-Class Coaches

World-renowned coaches with experience across several industries, languages, and educational backgrounds are matched to the type of development your organization requires for success. With just a 3% acceptance rate from our Coach applicant pool each year, you can feel confident that these folks are the best in the business.

Global leaders are already registering their teams for The Loop 

Learning Experiences In The Loop

Learning experiences cover a variety of skills, modalities, and time commitments to create a well rounded, engaging program.

All participants start their learning journey with the Communication Gateway Hike – the famous Own The Room experience. The skills in this Hike lay the foundation for what to expect in the remaining ecosystem. No matter your job function, seniority level, or industry, clear and convincing communication is fundamental to success. We teach you the skills to say more with less words, tell powerful stories, engage an audience, stretch your voice and be memorable.

Using the LifeHikes® Mobile App, the Communication Gateway Hike begins and ends with rigorous, science-based assessments to quantify your skill growth and show you concrete improvement. Participants go from: “I think I’m getting better” to “I can see myself getting better… and the hard data bears it out.”


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Leadership Gateway Path is a powerful entry level leadership development program. Coach-led with cohort and teams, there are 3 main elements of Leadership Islands: Leadership Theory, Personal Leadership Feedback, and Leadership Projects.  


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The Sales Gateway Hike is an introductory course intended for new salespeople and individuals related to sales, so they can learn and practice the fundamentals of competent selling, including building strong rapport with clients, crafting an elevator pitch, delivering a strong sales presentation, handling rejection, and closing.


This Hike takes participants through the full life cycle of a sale and provides applicable knowledge, mindsets, habits and techniques that will impact their ability to competently do their job, design a solid personal sales system and make them fall in love with their craft.


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1:1 coaching offers you the personalized support you need to reach new heights in communications, management, sales, and much more.

This is your time to use however you’d like. All of our Coaches have a wealth of experience that we draw upon to help guide you towards achieving your goals. Whether you’re looking to strengthen and perfect existing skills or to develop yourself in entirely new dimensions, this personal and confidential environment is the best way to invest in yourself.

One Loop participant described their session as yielding “empathy-based, concrete, constructive, and action-based feedback.”

Like a book club – Campfires are a peer-led learning experience where participants ingest, discuss, and engage in a development book. Each person leads the conversation on a different chapter, giving you the opportunity to practice your facilitation and engagement skills. A great opportunity to lead, think and learn something new!

At the end of the year, all cohorts return to “basecamp” to celebrate and reflect on what we learned, think about where we are in our careers and life, and map out our plan for the coming year to help us and the institution grow even more.

Choose Your loop Program

To participate, register a minimum of 20 employees (40 max) to form a team (we call them cohorts). Each cohort will have their own LifeHikes Coach.

Communication Gateway Loop
September 2023- December 2023

Additional Participants: $595/person

For up to 20 participants
Communication & Sales or Communication & Leadership Gateway Loop
September 2023 - June 2024
Best Deal

Additional Participants: $595/person

For up to 20 participants


Teams Already On The Learning Journey

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