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Leadership Gateway Path

Experience The Impact

What To Expect

Introducing the Leadership Gateway Path: A transformative 10-module, 90-minute journey empowering aspiring leaders to excel in their roles. Built on three pillars:

Personal Coaching: Get personalized guidance to discover your unique strengths and leadership style, fostering self-awareness and unleashing your full potential.

Cutting-edge Curriculum: Engage in 10 modules exploring key themes like strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, team dynamics, change management, and inclusive leadership, blending practical insights with the latest leadership theories. Culminating in "The Peak" module, where you'll deliver two two-minute presentations on your Leadership Project and Individual Leadership Philosophies. Showcase your progress, receive feedback, and celebrate your transformation as a confident and capable leader, ready to drive meaningful change and achieve unparalleled success on your leadership journey.

Leadership Project: Apply theory and techniques to real-world challenges, driving impactful results that showcase your leadership prowess.


"This is awesome! I look forward to the trainings, which is unlike me. I usually like to sleep in. This is worth waking up for. The tools and the deep thinking with a partner/small group. It's so great to hear other leaders challenges, perspectives, experiences."

Behavioral Outcomes

What Is A Path?

Team-based, coach-led, virtual learning journeys with project-based outcomes. Paths consist of a 10-stage (10 week) training where participants apply the 90-minute training material to a personal or professional project. Skill growth is developed via intersession activities called Trail Work via the LifeHikes Mobile App, from feedback from peers and their LifeHikes Coach, and tracked within their Leaderboard throughout their Learning Experience.

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