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About LifeHikes

The Future Of Learning

"I love how LifeHikes is enabling individual learners to build communities for shared growth."
Adam Grant
Adam Grant

LifeHikes provides learning programs to help people grow and reach more potential

With over 12 years of experience, we’ve trained hundreds of thousands of people, from interns up through C-Suite around the world. Every learning program is underpinned by team-based social learning, technology and live coaching – a combination that yields maximum and lasting growth in communication, leadership, sales and life skills.


LifeHikes...A Movement

A Coalition of Companies Dedicated To Lifelong Learning

None of us has all the answers. To successfully build a holistic learning ecosystem, a coalition of companies have joined forces to help us all better invest in our greatest resource (and biggest budget item): our people. These global advisors serve as partners and experts with a common passion to build the future of learning. Coming from every industry, all over the world, the Coalition shares insights on trends they are seeing in their sector and participates in Beta trainings to help shape the content and delivery.

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LifeHikes...An Enterprise

A Holistic Learning Ecosystem

Because employee training needs are complex and intertwined, we have designed a holistic learning ecosystem to untangle the complexity and help adults meet their personal and professional goals. This integrated model combines individualized training paths on soft and hard skills, patented technology, robust metrics, 1:1 coaching and team-based learning. Together, these elements promote career growth, employee retention, business acceleration and most importantly, lifelong learning.


LifeHikes...A Foundation

A Force For Good With Global Impact

The LifeHikes Foundation is a public non-profit, endowed and non-grant seeking foundation. The Foundation is on a mission to help people unleash their ability to do good, give more, and solve the problems we face in our communities and as a society. In partnership with LifeHikes, a world-class training provider, the LifeHikes Foundation brings no-cost and low-cost communication and leadership training to deserving folks who might not otherwise be able to afford world class training. Our special areas of focus are women, people of color, smaller nonprofit organizations, educators and high school age youth.

Trusted By The World's Leading Brands

We’re honored to call some of the world's finest organizations our clients. We’ve had the privilege of supporting hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and thousands of professionals across an array of industries.

Training The World

Since founding in 2011, we’ve partnered with more than 200 companies in 46 countries and 10 languages, empowering learning and development in individuals and teams with the breakthrough skills they need to drive progress, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration — all while boosting the bottom line. 

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