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Learning Experiences To Help People Grow And Reach More Potential

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A lifelong learning journey for individual and business success


Team-Based Social Learning

Learning in a community provides heightened engagement, elicits a greater sense of joy, and promotes shared responsibility for business outcomes. That’s why all of our Learning Experiences are live, instructor-led sessions focused on team-based learning.

Trusted By The World's Leading Brands

Since founding in 2011, we’ve partnered with more than 200 companies in 46 countries and 10 languages, perfecting our methodology of live, interactive learning with world-class coaches. This creates an energized, real-world application for learning that keeps participants wanting more.

Lifelong Learning Ecosystem

Just like you wouldn’t go to the gym for one day and think you’re done for the year, you can’t just attend one training and expect meaningful change. LifeHikes is equipped to take your team on a lifelong journey – a quest for information and growth. With an expansive catalog 
of training topics, technology-enabled insights, and individual and group coaching, season after season, year after year, your team will gain and refine their skills in a direction that drives both the individual and business forward.

Hard Data For Soft Skills

The LifeHikes® Mobile App supports live Learning Experiences with AI-powered reporting, practice activities, and personalized insights for growth.

Participants not only feel progress as they attend Learning Experiences, now they can see it captured in hard data. Skill growth and participant engagement is also captured and reported to managers through an end of experience report.

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