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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

LifeHikes helps people grow and reach more potential. Through an ecosystem of learning products, programs, services and partners, we provide interactive, fun, team-based social learning experiences underpinned by human-centered technology.

We are proud to offer the renowned Own The Room communication training, enhanced by a methodology developed over 25 years and proven through the training of hundreds of thousands of people, from interns to C-Suite executives, around the world. 

The cost of our training programs varies based on several key factors including: Length of Training, Modality, Number of Participants, Customizations and More!  

Due to these varying factors, we provide tailored quotes based on your specific requirements and objectives. Book 15 minutes with a team member and we will be happy to provide a customized estimate for your training needs. 

  1. Book 15 minutes with a learning consultant to discuss your needs and scope of work.
  2. We will create a proposed solution and send pricing.
  3. Once you are happy with scope of work and budget, we will send you a Sales Order.
  4. You submit the SO to your finance department to approve and generate a PO.
  5. We will organize the logistics on our end and help you get things ready on your side.
  6. For virtual, you will send a calendar hold to participants and we will send the training link.
  7. For in-person, you will need to book a large room in your offices with AV and some other small requirements.
  8. You may connect with your coach before the training to give additional context.
  9. Coach(es) will complete the training and we will send you the feedback after the training.
  10. We can meet post-training to discuss reinforcement work if needed. 

Give us three weeks, and we’ll give you the world. We know things come up last minute, though, and we always do our best to accommodate, but it will always depend on Coach. availability. 

We’ve carefully built a team of expert Coaches around the world. With just a 3% acceptance rate from our Coach applicant pool each year, you can feel confident that these individuals are the best in the business. LifeHikes Coaches have worked with some of the world’s leading organizations, including Meta, Google, and L’Oreal, as well as with individuals, nonprofits, and growing businesses globally. 


While you can trust any of our Coaches to deliver exceptional training, our learning consultants will match a Coach to your team based on your specific goals and the Coach’s background. 

We have the privilege of working with a diverse range of industry-leading organizations across various sectors. Our clientele includes global tech giants, successful e-commerce platforms, renowned beauty and fashion brands, top investment banks, pioneering hospitality companies, and innovative electric vehicle manufacturers. We look forward to adding your name to this list! 


Our clients’ needs and objectives are diverse: we might train eight members of a leadership team or eight hundred people at a sales kickoff. It all depends on what you are looking to achieve; regardless, it will be fully experiential, engaging, and actionable.


Most everything we coach can be delivered for any group size, but in some cases, particularly for in-person events, this may require multiple coaches. Not to fear: we have coaches across the globe.

Everyone needs coaching, from C-suite to interns, and we’ve got them all covered. 

Group Training

No matter your organization’s size, structure, or industry, communication is the common factor that can make or break your success. That’s why we have dedicated over 25 years to developing the best communication training in the world. Whether you are interested in essential communication, advanced communication, communication for leadership development, or communication for sales advancement, we offer over one hundred training topics that we will tailor to you.

We recommend that everyone begins with our foundational communication training and diversify from there. Our learning consultants can help you select a program that will best match your learning objectives. Book a 15 minute consultation here.

Our Public Events (in-person across the globe and virtual) are an excellent way to get a feel for what we can bring to your team. Sign up on our website. Use the code DEMO50 for 50% off! 

We offer in-person, virtual, or hybrid sessions ranging from hours to weeks in length. Tell us what works best for your team and we can provide it.

We love one-offs, and sometimes that’s the right way to go; learning journeys, though, create deeper bonds and more lasting growth, so that’s our typical recommendation. Sometimes, these approaches work in tandem. We might conduct a one-off event for a large group and then follow up with more specialized programs for subsets of the population, or we might conduct a virtual learning journey that culminates in a special in-person event.

Zoom is our platform of choice due to its security and ability to best serve our interactive requirements. We can host the sessions or use your Zoom link. If Zoom is not suitable for your organization, we can use other platforms; however, please note that this may pose challenges with using breakout rooms and other features, potentially impacting the smoothness and effectiveness of the training.

How long should it be? It depends on what you need. A few common scenarios (in-person): 

  • One to two full days for concentrated learning and growth 
  • Half a day for the light version when it’s really hard to take people off the floor 
  • Two to three hours as part of a larger event (depend on us to shake things up) 


Virtual sessions are a different beast. Typically, we run a series of several 90-minute sessions over a few weeks. We don’t recommend going over 120 minutes at a time. We can do 60-minute sessions, but we don’t recommend them unless it’s a webinar.)  

Our Coaches are stationed across the globe: we can accommodate any time zone and many languages: Cantonese, Danish, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

When you collaborate with our learning consultants, you can depend on your training feeling bespoke. From department lingo and industry terms to company pillars and real-world scenarios, our Coaches create a personal experience for your participants. Combine that with our vast catalogue of content, and you’ve got a recipe for training that feels credible and immediate.

Occasionally, circumstances require us to create something new for our clients. In these cases, our Product-Coach designers can support your needs. This, naturally, requires additional time and investment.

Now you’re thinking. This is one of the very best ways to capture momentum and solidify skill growth. We always recommend following up team trainings with 1:1 or Small Group Coaching. 

Skill Measurement

Using our LifeHikes Mobile App® and unique blend of Human-rated and AI-backed assessments, we measure skill growth across 16 proprietary rubrics.

We’ve moved the needle from: “I can feel I’m getting better” to “I can feel I’m getting better… and the hard data bears it out.

But of course! Our Stakeholder Reports include growth metrics, attendance, and engagement level during and between program sessions so you can see how your team is performing.  

Indeed, we do. Let’s celebrate these achievements! 


With pleasure. You can trust our diverse team of highly skilled Coaches to deliver dynamic, fun, and industry-appropriate keynotes. And don’t forget speaker prep! Much of our business involves getting speakers, panelists, demo-runners, interviewers, and others ready for these events.

If your team could use an extra hand, you’re not alone – and we’re here to help. Our Coaches are expert facilitators and can deliver what you need when you need it, whether in person or virtually. Learn More Here.

Good call. We don’t pretend to have a monopoly on great content, but we do have a unique way of delivering it. We delight in adding mortar to the bricks of our clients’ content, helping to make it a whole lot stickier (that’s a good thing). Learn More Here.

Individual Training

If you don’t have a full team in mind, there are always ways to get training. If you are looking for personalized, 1:1 executive coaching, meet our coaches here. Or check out our Public Event calendar for a group training and networking environment.

Our Public Events (in-person across the globe and virtual) are an excellent way to get a feel for what we can bring to your team. Sign up on our website.

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