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Conference Prep

The support and preparation boost you need before your moment in the spotlight!

Elevate every moment in the spotlight - Our experienced coaches provide personalized guidance & targeted strategies to amplify the strengths of individuals or small teams

Keynote Speakers

Fine-tune delivery techniques, ensuring every word resonates with the audience.


Enhance collaboration, articulate insights & maintain engaging discussions.


Refine skills to extract compelling narratives.


Showcase products or ideas seamlessly.

Hosts & Emcees

Command the stage with confidence & charisma.

Client Success With Speaker Prep

A Leading Software Company


L'Oréal’s exclusive Marketing Summit, curated as a TEDx-esque Day of Inspiration, is meticulously designed to unveil the coveted L'Oréal marketing 'secret sauce.' It's a day dedicated to empowering rising marketing leaders to craft their own enduring L'Oréal legacies.

Seven dynamic speakers, akin to seasoned TEDx presenters, graced the summit with compelling narratives and invaluable experiences. Through a series of speaker prep sessions, LifeHikes supported these seasoned marketers leading up to the event, guiding them to deliver truly inspiring and engaging talks. 

A leading software company hosts prestigious annual conferences, drawing in massive physical and virtual audiences with A-List Celebrity appearances. These events, encompassing demos, interviews, panels, and award ceremonies, require meticulous preparation for flawless execution.

For the past five years, LifeHikes has spearheaded personalized 1:1 and Small Group Coaching sessions, not only for upper management and sales leaders but also for customer partners actively participating in these conferences. Each individual or partner team undergoes two to three tailored sessions, focusing on rapport-building, nervousness management, message refinement, spontaneous delivery, and showcasing their organization at its peak.

Beyond emphasizing "delivery," our approach considers the "content" perspective. Through experiential methods, we elevate communications from good to exceptional, enhancing beginnings, transitions, data presentation, and audience engagement.

This transformation from good to exceptional is evident in facilitators operating at their peak, collaborations reaching unprecedented potency, and attendees leaving invigorated and empowered, ready to leverage cutting-edge software tools for business elevation.

Ready to Elevate your event experience & leave a lasting impression?

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