Building Authentic Connections

Authenticity leads to trust, trust fosters connection, and connection inspires action. Learn the skills to build authentic connections with your audience, whether you’re communicating to a manager, executive board, or prospective client.


Empowering Mindset

Building a more empowering mindset is easier said than done, but having more self-assurance is a must for career progression. In this training, we look at what is holding us back from moving forward. We examine our mindset around risk and challenges. We embrace techniques that turn doubt and uncertainty into tangible action. We look at what showing up as more confident can mean for us. Whether you are senior level or a new graduate, this training is essential for our growth and workplace performance.


Communication Essentials in NYC

Join our world-class coaches at this full-day, in-person training session where you'll experience the magic of LifeHikes in real life! Whether it's your first time taking a communications training or you're looking to refresh your skills, this training is for you. Through a series of highly interactive modules, our world-class coaches will teach you essential skills that will immediately take your communication to the next level.


Storytelling For Impact​

With virtual calls replacing many traditional customer and internal interactions, it’s critical that your meetings and pitches are clear, engaging, and inspire action. Use creative opening and storytelling techniques to capture your audience’s attention and deliver a winning value proposition in your pitches. By creating a powerful and highly relevant narrative around your solution, you’ll build credibility and communicate more effectively — and your customer will feel confident that they’ve picked the best solution from the best partner.


Own Your Power-Women Leadership

Women, have you ever stayed quiet in a meeting, shied away from asking for a raise, or felt like your ideas weren’t being heard equally? We’ll share actionable strategies to shift your mindset, let go of self-doubt, and realize your full potential. Through a series of engaging activities in this session created exclusively for women, you’ll be empowered to speak with strength, lead with confidence, and own your accomplishments in an assertive yet approachable way.