LifeHikes + Own The Room combine world-class, instructor-led training with human-centered learning technology, to assist professionals in the continued development of their communication and presentation skills.

The following public events integrate the LifeHikes app directly into the live training:

Own The Room: Executive Presence

Master the magic formula to gain respect, forge stronger relationships, and increase your influence during any meeting or presentation, at any stage of your career. In this hands-on module, you’ll discover strategies (and science!) to overcome fear and position yourself as an invaluable leader. The session also includes access to LifeHikes®, a powerful video and AI-enabled mobile app that enhances the coaching experience and offers actionable metrics to track progress during and after the virtual training. Together, it’s a transformative experience that leads to long-lasting results.


Own The Room: Dynamic Delivery

As the saying goes, “content is king.” But when it comes to communication – both in-person and virtual – your tone of voice, body language, and delivery greatly impact whether or not your content will stick. In this module, you’ll learn to captivate and influence your audience by stretching your voice, changing your tone, and shifting your movement in subtle but powerful ways. You’ll tap into the LifeHikes® technology to access personalized, specific feedback on your voice range, speed, and volume, and the exact strong and weak words you use when you speak.

Don’t see any events that work for you? Learn about Own The Room’s private virtual training options.


How LifeHikes seamlessly integrates with your Own The Room training:


You’ll record a quick, 1-2 minute video in LifeHikes to get a baseline assessment of your skills before your training.


A world-class Own The Room Coach leads your virtual session, seamlessly integrating our powerful video and AI-enabled technology throughout the training.

Mixed in with face-to-face activities, you will spend moments in the app, recording certain exercises and measuring your skills for real-time feedback.


LifeHikes takes the guesswork out of skill improvement. Every recording completed is captured with data insights to a user’s profile so you can compare and track progress over time.

Revisit the app at any time to reinforce what you learned with structured lessons and a practice feature.


Not Just a One-And-Done Tool

LifeHikes allows you to continue your learning journey long after the virtual training sessions have ended, all in the palm of your hand. Whenever you want to reinforce your skills, film yourself presenting on any topic and get quantitative feedback + tips on 2 dimensions of Communication (Voice Range & Language). Or, use the Virtual Reality feature, which enables you to deliver presentations to a realistic audience in a conference room or interview setting. Like your Own The Room training, you’ll always be assisted by an Own The Room Coach, getting tips, examples and resources as you navigate through the app.