Executive Presence & Storytelling for Impact with Bill Hoogterp in Shanghai

CITIC Plaza No. 1168 Nanjing West Road Room 1311, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China

Founder and CEO, Bill Hoogterp will lead a series of highly interactive modules, teaching you essential skills that will immediately take your communication to the next level and differentiate yourself as a speaker and leader.


Engage Your Audience in Mandarin

Coached In Mandarin - When you feel like you’re part of something meaningful, suddenly it matters more. You pay attention. You remember. You take action. This same principle applies in communication. From meetings to sales calls to virtual keynotes, when your listeners truly feel involved in the conversation, you’ll earn respect and inspire follow-through. Discover expert strategies to turn casual participation into motivating engagement.


Storytelling For Impact​

With virtual calls replacing many traditional customer interactions, it’s critical that your client meetings and pitches are clear, engaging, and inspire action. Use creative opening and storytelling techniques to capture your audience’s attention and deliver a winning value proposition in your pitches. By creating a powerful and highly relevant narrative around your solution, you’ll build credibility and communicate more effectively — and your customer will feel confident that they’ve picked the best solution from the best partner.