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Communication For Sellers

We offer in-person, virtual and hybrid trainings of varying lengths and commitment levels, designed to expand and sharpen your sales skills for a more successful career. Explore our offerings!

Sales Gateway Hike


An introductory course to learn and practice the fundamentals of competent selling, including building strong connections with clients, listening actively, handling rejection and closing.

Sales Catalyst


Empowers customer-facing professionals to influence, connect, and communicate with customers in a highly impactful way.

Influencing Senior Stakeholders


Connect with and influence your customers in a more impactful way.​

Perfecting Your Pitch


Uncover the formula to hook any audience from the start... and create opportunities for future conversations.

Consultative Selling/Conversations


We want to work with people and organizations we trust. By focusing on your own real-world scenarios, you’ll discover powerful techniques to better understand your stakeholders; engage in thoughtful conversations; and foster a level of trust that leads to breakthroughs, results, and deeper relationships.

Elevator Pitch


Uncover the formula to hook any audience from the start... and create opportunities for future conversations. Everyone needs an elevator pitch, and developing and mastering the framework is a key step in moving from novice to seasoned pro. You’ll leave this session with a concise, effective elevator pitch -- and techniques to adapt it to any situation, any time.

Handle Tough Questions & Objections


It’s all fun and games until someone tells you No. Objections and tough questions can activate fear and uncertainty... and trigger a closed mindset that just makes us dig in deeper. But there’s another way. Through a nuanced and agile method of handling objections, you’ll discover how to confidently anticipate and address your customers’ and colleagues’ concerns, shift their perspective from objection to opportunity, and calmly guide them to take the action you desire.

Deliver Difficult Messages To Clients


The customer may always be “right,” but that doesn’t mean they always have the answers. And healthy relationships with clients go much deeper when we don't always say “yes.” Up your client game by embracing a partnership mindset and learning how to deliver tough news well. ​

Storytelling For Impact


If it’s not a story, no one will remember what you said. Whether you’re pitching to prospective clients, advocating for a new internal process, or leading a team through change, it’s critical that your why is clear, engaging, and inspires action. By creating a powerful narrative around your solution, you’ll build credibility, gain buy-in, and bring your stakeholders along for the ride.

Do you want training on a topic not listed here?

Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Team-based learning to help your business thrive. Our expert team is ready to partner with you to achieve extraordinary results.


Hear from our clients


“My time spent with LifeHikes has been the best possible personal and professional investment I’ve made in myself during my entire sales career. I enjoyed my Own The Room experience so much I brought it to my whole team where the program again exceeded all expectations giving us a foundation to all use and build on every single day.”

Stephanie Latham

Vice President Global Business Group, Meta


“LifeHikes wowed our sales teams with innovative and powerful techniques. Their experiences are highly interactive and inclusive, even in a virtual world. They adapted to our unique business needs, creating real engagement and results. A valuable partner for taking our people to the next level!”

SallyAnn Tingle

Global Product Marketing & Enablement @ Amazon / Twitch


“LifeHikes partnered with Meta to create a program built around live practice and real-time feedback to develop and accelerate the skills needed to be a best-in-class consultative & strategic seller.”

Laura Moraros

Head of Global Sales Learning, Meta

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Whether you’re interested in an in-person or virtual training, want to train with a group or 1-on-1, or are thinking about becoming a LifeHikes Coach, we look forward to connecting.

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