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Communication For Leaders

We offer in-person, virtual and hybrid trainings of varying lengths and commitment levels, designed to develop individuals into inspirational and influential leaders. Explore our offerings!

Leadership Gateway Path

A transformative 10-module, 90-minute journey empowering aspiring leaders to excel in their roles. Built on three pillars: Leadership Project, Personal Coaching & Cutting-edge Curriculum

Connect & Coach For Managers


Gain the skills and techniques to create a foundation of trust and respect, strengthen manager/employee relationships, and foster a culture of growth. 

Coach & Mentor


The most effective managers are more than just bosses; they embody a coaching mindset to help their employees navigate barriers and achieve breakthroughs. In this session, you’ll learn the proven coaching methodology we use to bring people to the next level, as well as a simple framework to transform employee reviews and real-time feedback into supportive and motivating interactions.

Connect With Your People


As a leader, your words are powerful. Learn how to speak concisely and thoughtfully to improve the impact of your message; ask questions that drive to a deeper level of understanding; and empower your employees to generate (and follow through on) their own ideas and solutions.

Discover The Best Candidate


It costs over $4,000 to hire a new employee – and the cost of losing one is even steeper. Discover mindsets and techniques to dive deeper into candidate responses, unlock hidden information, and increase the likelihood that the best candidate will accept your offer. 

Navigating Challenging Conversations


An important, but often challenging, part of being a people manager is delivering difficult feedback on your employee's performance or behavior. Learn how to communicate tough news directly and clearly while creating a forum for collaborative problem solving that results in shared goals, boosts accountability, and inspires each employee.

Do you want training on a topic not listed here?

Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Team-based learning to help your business thrive. Our expert team is ready to partner with you to achieve extraordinary results.


Hear from our clients


“LifeHikes is such effective training I did it twice! Once with my peers, another time with our leaders. To see my team transform their presentation skills in to entertaining and engaging storytelling has been immensely rewarding. This is a must do program for any leader intent on themselves and their team being effective communicators.”

Kristin Colville

CEO, Skyteam Delta


“I’ve taken a lot of leadership training classes, executive coaching sessions, etc over the course of my 18 year PwC career and this program was in a completely different stratosphere. I have an addictive personality and I am hooked, if it is any consolation. WOW!!!”

Jamie Brenner

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers


“LifeHikes makes a compelling case for storytelling as a powerful form of communication in the boardroom. They taught us that by embracing our inner child (who always loved a great story), we can leave meaningful and lasting impressions as presenters.”

Mellody Hobson

President, Ariel Investments

Talk To Our Team

Whether you’re interested in an in-person or virtual training, want to train with a group or 1-on-1, or are thinking about becoming a LifeHikes Coach, we look forward to connecting.

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