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A Little Tip From Big Wilt

How can I make the not-fun parts of my job (or life) a little better? Have you ever heard Wilt Chamberlain’s bellhop story? You may know who Wilt is. Famous…

Indian girl communicate with friend on-line by video call, pc screen view over female shoulder. Mental health expert online therapy, colleagues work on common project use videoconferencing app concept

The past few years disrupted our lives and the workplace experienced a shift – opportunities suddenly decreased, competition became more intense, and there was time for reflection on your career…

What Do You Need Right Now?

“What do you need right now?” While we’ve been providing online communication training to a lot of leaders lately, we’re focusing on how we stay aligned with our teams when…

Does A Bullet Really Hit?

Think about that when you use bullets in your presentations. Rather than using too many of them, target them carefully. Even better, why not try to win without shooting. In…

You Are Enough

A few years ago I was asked to coach a CEO (we’ll call her Sally) for a speech she was giving at a conference, reporting on important medical research she…

Be Different. Be Visual.

I recently saw a speech that stayed with me and moved me. I’ve told many people about this speech because it did everything we believe at Own the Room makes…

Make Your Meeting Count

What Would You Do With An Extra Hour In Your Day?​ I’m guessing your answer wasn’t, “I’d love to spend it in a meeting.” All of us have many important…

Who And What Really Matters?

Imagine you’re sitting in a conference room and the speaker arrives at the podium holding a huge stack of papers and immediately starts showing endless power point slides. Each slide…

How To Convey Complex Concepts

Daniel was brilliant. A data analyst at a rapidly growing startup, he had swiftly proven himself to be a keen thinker who could quickly find patterns amidst rows of data.…

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