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Fun Fact

I taught all my kids to cook from a young age so that at the weekends they make dinner and I relax.

Favorite Learning Resource

ALWAYS training in something! Right now it's RLT relationship therapy with Terry Real. I plan to implement this in a corporate setting.

Areas of Expertise

Communication, leadership, executive coaching, Confidence, Resilience, Delivering Feedback, Conflict Resolution

Fluent Languages


Meet Rosie Dalling

Based in Palgrave, United Kingdom

As a jazz singer, Rosie knows that having a passion for what you do and building a relationship with your audience empowers you to take them wherever you want to go. She wants to share how to do this with others so they can see their communications skills skyrocket.

Rosie’s background is in theatre. At London’s Donmar Warehouse, she was responsible for designing and implementing a global education strategy. Her mission was to expand the horizons of thousands of young people through engaging in theatre. Her strong sales and storytelling skills helped her secure vital funding from sources including Barclays Capital and Bloomburg to bring this about.

As the founding principal of Healthy Selfish, a talent development and communication training company, Rosie works with entrepreneurs, top-level execs, emerging and established leaders. Her clients report feeling braver, excited about the future, better able to express themselves, and confident to handle tough situations.

Rosie lives in Suffolk, England, with her husband, three children, dog and two cats. Her love of music does not stop at jazz singing – she is also a musical theater fanatic. Her favorite show is 42nd Street, and she particularly loves the tap-dancing element of the show. That being said, her own time step is still a work in progress!

"Rosie has been great; I particularly like how she challenged us to step out of our comfort zone."
Iker Cillero
Sr. Director, Corporate Strategy & Transformation at SANTANDER HOLDINGS USA, INC

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