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Pree Damo Formal 2

Fun Fact

I like eating chicken McNuggets skin first. Try it and you'll understand 😉

Favorite Learning Resource

People, books and I'm embarrassed to say this Insta reels

Areas of Expertise

Voice and Speech Coaching, Accent Neutralisation, Communications, Presentation, Consultative Sales & Media Training

Fluent Languages

English, super basic conversational Malayalam & Tamil

Meet Pree Domadaran

Based in Singapore

From living out her childhood dreams of being a broadcast presenter, Pree, has ascended to become an expert in communication and presentation training. With over 16 years of media and facilitation experience, she has honed her skills by guiding over 10,000 individuals, including talents from Big Tech giants like Google, Meta, and LinkedIn.

During her yearlong stint as part of Google's APAC Sales Enablement team, Pree embarked on a transformative mission to empower new sellers through a comprehensive six-week virtual onboarding program. Covering essential sales and product skills across the APAC and EMEA regions.

Fueled by an unyielding passion to empower others, she founded Voices For Hire, a talent management agency, in 2012. Over the years, Pree transformed the agency into a subscription-based voiceover website, democratizing access to top-notch voices.

Beyond her business prowess, Pree's role as a certified Coach shines. From coaching executives to directors from Google, IBM, Levi’s, Neuberger Berman and the occasional politician - she empowers leaders with tailored content and lesson plans, earning her a reputation as a transformative mentor in communication.

In 2008, Pree graced the silver screen and we're pretty sure her two-minute scene caused the Cannes Film Festival to erupt into a standing ovation! When she's not dazzling audiences and transforming lives, she's busy embracing her inner daredevil (skydiving in Melbourne, anyone?). Ask her what she wants to do now, and she’ll tell you she’d like to travel the world one sandy beach at a time with a beer in one hand and a Paulo Coelho book in the other.

"I worked with Pree in the breakout. Her energy is infectious! She was also able to manage time and keep it tight very effectively while ensuring each participant got great value via specific feedback".
Meghna Apparao
Director of E-commerce & Retail in India, Meta

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