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Communication Gateway Hike (Abridged)

Experience The Impact

What To Expect

Own The Room Communication Gateway Hike Abridged is a comprehensive program designed to tackle all of the essential communication skills for business and life. You’ll come away from the Hike with new levels of confidence as a speaker and a replicable framework that you can apply to any presentation, on any subject.


“I was completely absorbed in the Hike program! The speed, accountability, and exposure of the interactions spurred faster learning. I really enjoyed being paired with others so we could learn from each other's growth and insights. The optional homework in between sessions was helpful to get additional repetitions with no time pressure.”


Manager, Global Industry Learning Portfolio, IBM


What Is A Hike?

A Hike is not a typical training; it’s more intense, challenging and fun with better results. It’s an immersive virtual learning journey with measurable outcomes to take your skills to the next level.

Measurable Impact

The Hike begins and ends with rigorous, science-based assessments to quantify participants' skill improvement. Both Benchmark and Summit are proctored and evaluated by independent Raters to ensure objective scoring. Participants receive detailed reports with their overall score, a breakdown by 15 skill dimensions, and narrative feedback. Achieving a final Summit rating of 6.0 or higher results in a professional skill certificate. 


Hiking isn’t usually thought of as a team sport, but it is now. Teams are a core component of the Hike, serving as participants' support system and accountability partners; participants are responsible for helping their teammates. Teammates meet at the end of every stage to share wins, challenges, and ideas to help each other conquer the Summit.


Practice plus technique makes permanent. Between stages, participants have the opportunity to complete trailwork exercises to practice the techniques they learn during the Hike — and earn steps along the way, using the LifeHikes® Mobile App. There are three trails to choose from based on the time commitment and number of repetitions involved. 


The LifeHikes® Mobile App provides instant quantitative feedback on voice range and language strength to accelerate learning. Participants use the LifeHikes® Mobile App to record in-session activities, submit trailwork, and keep their skills fresh after the Hike ends.

Bring Own The Room Communication Gateway Hike To Your Team

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