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Nigel Barnes

Fun Fact

Every day is a school day. I love learning new things all the time. Right now I am developing new skills in leatherworking and tooling - making belts, bags, phone cases - you name it. I've also started western riding. Give it a few months and what will I try next?

Favorite Learning Resource

I like to look at the world around me and the people that enrich our lives - that is where I get my inspiration

Areas of Expertise

Communication Training, People Management, Change Management, Management Coaching

Fluent Languages

English & German

Meet Nigel Barnes

Based in Berkshire, England

Early in his career, while working on a change management project at NATO HQ in Germany, Nigel was suddenly thrust into the spotlight to deliver a talk to 200 top NATO military staff. Although nervous, his hours of practice paid off when he received a hearty round of applause and engaging questions from the generals.

Nigel gained his training expertise while working in change management and business operations in the UK finance sector. He was a Lean and Continuous Improvement specialist at Euroclear Bank in Brussels and London. An expert in Lean methodology, Nigel has spoken at numerous conferences and has written a book on the topic.

As the MD of Helix Blue Ltd, a consultancy specializing in pragmatic change management, he helps individuals and teams manage their business transitions.

As a public speaking coach, he loves to see how much further everyone can develop when given the tools to be better communicators.

In his free time, Nigel enjoys traveling, walking his dog, and woodworking. Having lived in London, Brussels, and D├╝sseldorf, he currently resides in Newbury, UK, just south of Oxford.

"What an engaging course. You energised me each day and provided great insights into making my communication style and presence even better. This course is a must for new and seasoned managers. Thank you for helping me make a difference in my management & communication approach."
Mark Flint
Managing Director of East South Africa, Siemens

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