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Fun Fact

Besides coaching people I also enjoy training my dog Charlie and writing fiction just for fun.

Favorite Learning Resource

I try to learn from people that are around me every day. It starts with LifeHikes team - everyone brings something to the table that I can apply. The CEO of my local client is an inspiration because of her drive, ambition, and, at the same time, balance. My daughter is a great sounding board when it comes to social topics. My husband has a talent for always asking the right question.

Areas of Expertise

Communication Training, Management, Conveying Complex Concepts, Consultative Sales Communications, Media

Fluent Languages

Croatian, English & Slovenian

Meet Martina Merslavic

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia

As a public speaking coach, Martina believes everyone has the ability as well as responsibility to raise the standards of communication efficiency. She sees daily interactions in business and personal lives as opportunities, helping us to build trust, inspire, persuade and get people to commit to an action. Understanding the context of these interactions, setting clear goals, and being consistent with one’s authentic style and messaging is in the center of her coaching conversations.

Martina has been nurturing her passion for effective communications for more than 25 years: she started at a leading Slovenian communications agency and worked her way up to become a junior partner. The campaigns she managed have won national and international recognition. Later on, she switched to the client side, and has worked for Siemens regionally as the head of corporate communications for Slovenia and Adriatic region, getting close-up and personal with structures, processes and complexities of one of the most innovative tech companies globally. One of the collateral effects of working for a tech company was to develop appreciation, and sensibility, to the impact technologies can have on the sustainability of our planet. After 8 years, Martina went on to follow her entrepreneurial spirit, and founded her own communication consultancy, getting a reality check on the wide array of skills and know-how required to succeed in business. She likes to implement the transformative techniques of LifeHikes® trainings to her own conversations – testing them in real-life environment and bringing the test results back to share with the participants of her coaching sessions.

Martina finds it hard to sit still: she finished high school as an exchange student in Knoxville, Tennessee, toured Europe by rail, studied Italian in Siena, Italy, and uses every spare moment to travel with her family to places near and far. She loves taking walks with her dog Charlie, skiing in the winter and sea in the summer, cooking for her family in the evenings and enjoying a good book just before going to bed. She speaks English, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian.

"Martina, she is TOP!! She is FAST, she does an amazing job motivating and showing weaknesses and room for improvement in the best candid way I have ever seen. Amazing how she kept our attention virtually!!"
Gemma Martin
BNY Mellon
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