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Fun Fact

I performed a saxophone solo at the halftime show of a professional football game in Giant's Stadium.

Favorite Learning Resource

Anne Bogart
Viola Spolin
Marshall Rosenberg
Steven Bartlett

Areas of Expertise

Consultative Sales, Branding, Pitch Development, Presentation Skills & Prep, Health/Medical Industry, Entertainment Industry, Business Development, Conveying Complex Concepts, Handling Objections, Fostering Dialogue, Coaching & Facilitation, Collaboration, Meeting Management, Memorable & Relatable Content, Gravitas with Tone & Body Language, Virtual Meeting Engagement, Feedback Culture, Management

Fluent Languages


Meet Kaia Sommers

Based in North Carolina, United States

After working for over 20 years as a director, coach, educator, and business owner, Kaia shares her passion for transforming people into impactful speakers with LifeHikes. Her career has spanned work in the healthcare, sales, non-profit, and theater industries. Breaking ground as the director/producer of the first interactive television studio in the world inside New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, she had the honor of interviewing notable personalities such as Garth Brooks, Troy Aikman, and Magic Johnson. Her work in pediatrics brought her to Los Angeles, where she continued connecting celebrity actors and filmmakers with children suffering in hospital beds.

One of Kaia’s favorite rollercoaster rides has been owning and running her own business. From sales and marketing to running IT, from managing staff and HR to implementing systems and processes, Kaia has seen and done it all. Her company, Moment Institute, quickly became one of the most recommended and sought-after clinics in the NJ region. Kaia helped scale the clinic from a start-up to a 7-figure business.

After selling her business in 2020, Kaia relocated to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina and was brought on as a Corporate Lead Coach with LifeHikes. She has since coached C-suite executives, VPs, directors, and managers at PepsiCo, Marsh & McLennan, Amazon, Meta, MasterCard, and many other Fortune 500 companies. Her one-to-one and large group coaching has centered around her experience as a director and business owner, including topics such as consultative sales, branding, pitch development, executive presentation skills, handling objections, and meeting management.

Kaia has sailed around the world, created and directed live theater in NY and LA, and blasted out a saxophone solo in Giants Stadium. These days, you can find her in her campervan boondocking all over the States with her husband, son, and adorable Aussiedoodle, Shae.

"Kaia is an amazing and engaging instructor. She created a safe place immediately and conducted a training on a very high level. Appreciate her time and enthusiasm she brought to the session. We were glad to have her as our coach. I will attribute the audience engagement to the mirror neurons! Highly recommended!"

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