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Fun Fact

I was a wedding DJ in my 20's and still like to pretend like I would know how:)

Favorite Learning Resource

My guitars and guitar teacher. They both keep me in touch with doing something creative and artistic purely for the love and fun of it.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership development, sales, executive coaching, personal brand strategy, speaking, training, faciliating, networking, podcasting, business operations

Fluent Languages


Meet Jason Frazell

Based in New York, United States

Jason firmly believes that small steps over time equal massive improvements, which is why he became a LifeHikes® coach.

Helping people to succeed has been a theme throughout Jason’s career. He has worked with companies in various industries, including banking, sports, manufacturing, high tech, and more. Jason had a successful twenty-year sales career, working for two Fortune 500 companies, and then went into the start-up world, working for companies in mobile security and e-commerce.

Jason is the founder of Jason Frazell Coaching, providing executive and leadership coaching, facilitation services, and group coaching to high-impact people and teams. Jason is certified as a Gallup Global Strengths Coach and a Certified DiSC Practioner through Wiley and Sons. He holds a coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation.

Jason is also an accomplished speaker, and because he loves speaking and is competitive, he competes in the Table Topics competition for his local Toastmasters Club. He resides in New York City with his wife, two children, and adorable Golden Retriever Sunshine.

"If you're feeling stuck or just want a hand with figuring out how to move up where you are, I can't recommend Jason enough. On top of his extensive knowledge of how all this stuff works, he's also laidback, incredibly easy to work with, and just a genuine pleasure to speak with. Working with him doesn't feel like work, so you get to reap all the benefits of his teachings without feeling like it's a grind. Plus he genuinely enjoys his calling, so it's a win-win."

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