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Fun Fact

Jane has delivered over 2000 hours of on-site training in 8 different countries and regions

Favorite Learning Resource

Peer coaches & YouTube videos

Areas of Expertise

Cross-cultural communications, Women Leadership Development, Corporate Executive 1-1 coaching

Fluent Languages

Chinese, Mandarin & English

Meet Jane Lee

Based in Hangzhou, China

Whether working in business development or coaching leaders around the world, Jane is recognized for her ability and experience in building diverse and highly effective teams, collaborating with cross-functional teams around the globe and achieving operational excellence.

Before joining LifeHikes®, Jane was a General Manager in Sales Enablement at Cisco. She expanded the Sales Enablement operations from its Silicon Valley headquarter to Asia Pacific countries and China. She spearheaded the customer experience programs, established 10 Innovation Centers in major cities like Bangalore, Beijing, Hongkong, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, and managed the region’s business operations. Prior to her endeavor in Asia, Jane managed the Executive Communications for Cisco’s top decision makers. She played a critical role in establishing mutual trust with strategic customers, strategizing on global positioning with political leaders and promoting a positive relationship with influential medias. During her 20 years of distinguished service, Jane was recognized as a top 10% performer five times, out of 80,000 employees. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management from Saint Mary’s College of California, and a College degree in English Language and Tourism from Jianghan University in Wuhan, China.

Jane is passionate about giving back. She regularly volunteers her time teaching English to children from migrant worker families in Shanghai. She also created a summer enrichment education program at the Ark Orphanage in Aba Sichuan. In her free time, Jane plays table tennis and volleyball and explores her creativity through painting and classical vocal training.

"Each of the 4 talent groups delivered a fantastic final presentation to the executives. All of them felt great and took pride in what they have achieved. Your coaching and stage directing has made a huge difference."
HR from Siemens China

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