Meeting Needs Through Co-Creating A Personalized, Company-Focused Experience


Already a fast-growing tech company with employees spanning most global regions, Google partnered with Own The Room in 2016 as Own The Room’s coach Bill Hoogterp got connected with Sam Dickenson of the Google Digital Academy in London.

Realizing the challenge with concisely and accurately articulating Google’s company mission and identity (especially among company executives), Sam and Bill worked together to help Google create a custom communications training for its particular needs using the classic Own The Room magic.

This manifested itself into Google’s tailor-made 2-day program, co-created and co-facilitated with Own The Room — the “Speak UP!” program.

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Their Challenges

Inefficient existing training programs within Google ​

Google had a 4-hour Media Skills program but it was extremely slide-deck heavy

Need to better train company executives to face the media

The current training, while inefficient, was necessary to help executives better relay Google's company messaging within presentations, panels & interviews. ​​The need was particularly salient due to the difficulty in executives answering the question “What is Google?”

The Solution

Speak Up Program

Using the "Own The Room magic" we tailored Google's existing program to become more fun, unique & digestible to executives

The Outcomes

Behavioral Outcomes

Teams Trained

Delivered Globally


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