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Meet Garey De Angelis

COO & Chief Product Officer

Early in his career, Garey participated in a series of public speaking and leadership trainings that proved to be life-changing. His employer’s investment in his communication skills became one of the greatest factors of his lifelong success. Today, as Chief Product Officer, he is on a mission to help thousands of people unleash their potential as effective leaders and communicators.

After starting his professional journey as an engineer and later a marketing manager at DuPont, Garey joined Apple in Hong Kong as Director of Far East Product Development. He subsequently led Apple’s Asia Pacific Software Division in Tokyo and then directed the MacOS licensing program in Cupertino. Later, Garey served as the CEO of Motion Media Technologies, the US subsidiary of a video communications company listed on the London Stock Exchange, and facilitated its successful merger into the SCOTTY Group.

As VP of Product Development at Digital Lifestyle Outfitters, Garey helped the company grow by >4,000% over a 3-year period, prompting Inc. Magazine to rank it as the 3rd fastest-growing company in 2006, before its acquisition by Philips, where he was instrumental in launching Philips’ entry into the Internet of Things.

Garey happily resides in Greenville, SC and is an avid cyclist along with his wife Diane, a former DuPont engineer. They fervently believe the best way to experience a country is by pedaling through it.

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