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Fun Fact

I worked on movie sets in Scotland, Morocco Germany and Italy before I started my "real career" in the corporate world 🙂

Favorite Learning Resource

My family. My colleagues at LifeHikes. Obama's reading list.

Areas of Expertise

Public Speaking, Executive Presence, Handling Tough Questions & Objections, Providing & Receiving Feedback, Confidence, Communication Essentials for Women

Fluent Languages

German, English, and Italian

Meet Franziska Brummer

Based in Munchen, Germany

For Franziska, coaching at LifeHikes® is about setting free new ideas — she loves the magic moment when people dip into their creative resources and experience how much potential they can unleash through the training. When she works with a group of people, she concentrates not only on helping them improve their skills but also on bringing them together as a team.

Franziska’s passion for team-building extends to her role as Founder and CEO at her Munich-based business CITYPANDA, where she creates sustainable experiences and team-bonding events for her clients. She believes in the power of purpose and helps her clients bringing their Corporate Social Responsibility concepts to life. Prior to CITYPANDA, Franziska also developed an extensive repertoire in sales, marketing, and project management through her 8 years at international pharma corporation ZIMMER DENTAL. Extending on her life-long, active passion for film and theatre, Franziska also brings with her 4 years of experience as an extras casting director, empowering and coaching thousands of people on how to show their talent on screen.

Franziska is an expert in intercultural communications, both as a penta-lingual (yes, five languages!) and has earned a Masters in International Economic and Intercultural Studies at the University of Passau. She enjoys traveling with her family – particularly to Italy, which is like a second home to her. When not at work or playing with her kids, you will find her walking outdoors, exploring the latest urban developments of her beloved hometown Munich.

"Very interactive, high energy level and personal. Franziska quickly got to know all by name and picked everybody up from their current position."
Jörn Harde
CFO Siemens Schweiz

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