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Fun Fact

Ed enjoys motorcycle riding

Favorite Learning Resource


Areas of Expertise

Sales, Leadership, GTM, Technology

Fluent Languages

English, a little Spanish & Japanese

Meet Ed Arcinue

Based in Austin, Texas

Through roles at Hewlett Packard, Creative Arts Agency, eHealth and LegalZoom, Ed had developed the foundation of his public speaking and communication skills. His repertoire of positions includes Chief Sales Officer at eHealth, Chief Customer Officer at LegalZoom, and leadership positions in HP and CAA. Ed’s business experience includes sales and business development, technology hardware, software, SAAS, and tech-based legal and health insurance services. In his work, Ed has used methodologies such as Lean, Getting Things Done, Measure what Matters (OKR), and Gallup/Covey.

In his training with LifeHikes® and Own The Room, his skills were only elevated from there and led to personal and organizational success. Now as a coach and the LifeHikes Chief Sales Officer, Ed is excited to help others experience and benefit from the LifeHikes ecosystem.

Ed is a Georgetown University alumnus of the School of Foreign Service.

“Ed is wonderful! He personifies everything he teaches and is a great example of how we should/could be when engaging with clients.”
Selena Sacchetti

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