Live Training + Ongoing Reinforcement Is The Secret Sauce For Retaining Skills And Lasting Impact


​In 2018, Business Insider’s SVP of Sales was referred to Own The Room. After participating in an Open Session herself, she saw the training as a good fit to take her team of 40 to the next level. Her team included a variety of people with different skillsets from the most junior to senior executives. Own The Room’s methodology, tools and techniques are unique in that they are the perfect solution for everyone, no matter the skill level.


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Their Challenges

One and done training was not producing long-term results​

Despite spending significant money on traditional curriculum-based training, the team at Business Insider was not seeing a return on their training investment. They needed a solution that yielded long-term improvements so the company could see higher retention and increased sales. They had yet to find a training that became habit and part of the Business Insider culture.​

The Solution

Training + Reinforcement​

Own The Room provided Business Insider with a day-long sales training program, modeled after a program we developed with Facebook. To address the need for lasting impact, we developed a reinforcement program that spanned four weeks after the live training. Participants were engaged in daily skill-based activity challenges, assessments, and digital training resources that were designed to help them retain new skills and apply them on the job.​In order for the training to yield results, buy in and commitment was needed from the entire Business Insider team – and they did just that!

The Outcomes

The end result proved to be exceptional in helping them achieve their goals, both internally and externally. Business Insider’s management team and employees have been speaking with eager anticipation about participating in another training program with Own The Room, because it had such a positive impact. The techniques and tools they achieved through their sessions gave them enhanced coordination throughout their company, in addition to offering each employee greater personal attributes.

Average Handling Objections​ Self Assessment Score

Pre Training - 4.7 out of 10
Post Training – 6.8 out of 10

Communicating Benefits vs Features​ Self Assessment Score

Pre Training - 5.1 out of 10
Post Training – 7.0 out of 10

Asking Open Questions​ Self Assessment Score

Pre Training - 5.2 out of 10
Post Training – 7.2 out of 10


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