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Fun Fact

Favorite thing to do for fun is sports. I play full court basketball a few times per week, golf with my wife when we can, (we also take HIIT classes a few days a week) and I am on the worst softball team in the history of men’s softball but we have such a blast.

Favorite Learning Resource

This new technology format for learning they just invented called… books. They take amazing content and arrange is in a certain way on a page and project it permanently onto 2D flimsy pulp based material which becomes 3D when bound together and it’s amazing. I have a stack of products of this new technology on my night stand.

Areas of Expertise

Communication, sales, leadership and executive coaching

Fluent Languages


Meet Bill Hoogterp

Based in New Jersey, United States

Bill gave his first commencement speech while still in his 20s. As he built his career in the nonprofit and online world, he developed a niche: tips and tricks for teaching other people to become great speakers. This system evolved to become LifeHikes®.

Before LifeHikes, Bill co-founded CMI, the parent company of CafeMedia and CafeMom, and worked with Mountain Lakes International. He has done nonprofit work with Into the Streets, Do Something, and The LEAGUE, as well as America’s largest volunteer network, Points of Light/HandsOn Network.

He has delivered Own The Room methodology, leadership training, and executive coaching to business executives, celebrities, and athletes on six continents and across numerous sectors.

Bill resides in New Jersey with his wife, Maria. His greatest career achievements include getting to coach his son’s little league team and teaching his daughter to be the youngest kid to dive off the Verona community pool big diving board.

"Bill's Own The Room methodology has helped countless speakers play at a higher level."
Sheryl Sandberg
Former COO of Facebook and New York Times Bestselling Author of Lean in and Option B

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