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Fun Fact

In high school, he played the saxophone and believed he’d be the next David Sandborn.

Favorite Learning Resource

Real life experience with leaders during a transformation

Areas of Expertise

Strategy execution, 360 degree insight into communication and public affairs, Lifesciences and global compex industries, full circle Transformation experience

Fluent Languages

English & Danish

Meet Anders Schroll

Based in Roskilde, Denmark

Anders believes that communication is critical to win the hearts and minds of people, a skill that he gets the opportunity to exercise at LifeHikes® as a coach across industries, geographies, and cultures.

Having served under five different CEOs and trained over 100 leaders, Anders has gained full-circle communication experience from +20 years working for H. Lundbeck A/S, a global leader in brain Health. Today Anders works as an independent executive advisor and has helped leaders in industries such as pharma, construction, shipping, and welfare services.

Anders enjoys spending time in his summer house, cooking, and fishing.

“Great adaptability - simple, effective and inclusive. Strike a balance of keeping momentum but also giving time for all participants to catch up. You can see confidence increasing as the session goes on.”
Clare Allsopp
Save the Children

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