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Fun Fact

I don't own anything orange

Favorite Learning Resource

Watching people

Areas of Expertise

Physicality - use of body in language, Listening skills, Confidence

Fluent Languages


Meet Amy Efird

Based in Virginia, United States

Amy knows that one of her greatest joys is being part of helping others develop and stretch their strengths. This energizes her to continually support and coach her clients through the challenges and triumphs. Failure is knowledge, and, as we all know from School House Rock, “Knowledge is POWER!”

Amy’s unique journey has led her into leadership positions in the arts, business development, relationship building, mentoring, and coaching. She has a research interest in medical humanities, focusing on theatre techniques informing patient/provider communication. Her research was accepted at the Mayo Clinic Humanities in Medicine Symposium in 2019.

A professional theatre actor and director, Amy is an active, long-term member of Actors’ Equity Association, and has held roles in over 80 productions. Her work has been seen on both coasts, and a few places in between. Amy has also written and performed a script (always in revisions…) based on the industry of cancer. Combining her fascination with what human physical bodies can do and how the mind/body connection manifests into her work as an actor has led Amy to this great intersection of helping folks thrive in front of any audience.

When Amy is not coaching, she can be found on a hiking trail or in the water with a group of amazing, weird friends. Amy’s favorite fruit is watermelon, she collects fossils and she doesn’t own anything orange. When not advocating for animals, Amy stops to pet every dog she sees, just so her own pupper will sniff-judge her when she gets home.

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