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Own The Room is now LifeHikes

September 15, 2023

LifeHikes is excited to announce the launch of our new app version 2.0, which includes multiple updates to enhance the participant’s ecosystem experience. We have also launched a new website, LifeHikes.com, where you can learn more about our team, access training offerings, and explore our resources section.


Our brand has a new look and feel and expanded our Product Portfolio to new ranges such as Sales and Leadership. Additionally, we have launched a client portal, which is a one-stop-shop for our points of contact and clients, automating operations that will enable us to scale.


As a leading training provider for companies all over the world with 25+ years of experience, we are excited to announce the launch of Own The Room, which is officially the sub-brand for our Communication Skill Range Products. At LifeHikes, we have built an ecosystem of learning programs to help people grow and reach their full potential. We are celebrating the maturity of the LifeHikes vision this September with legal entity name changes, a new website, client portal, and more!

LifeHikes Launch Announcement

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