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Dispatches From My Closet

March 23, 2020

I had just wrapped up a team meeting when a trampoline fell on me. Working from home can come with its own hazards.

My wife and I chose to live in a small apartment, prioritizing location, amenities, and common spaces over size. But with the amenities cut off, the common spaces sealed off, and the location now irrelevant, all we’re left with is an expensive studio — and me working in the closet. And that’s where I was parked, nestled cozily under a hanging trampoline, right before I got this concussion.


By Stuart Luth

Stuart Closet

Our son Auren is three-and-a-half, and to say he has a lot of energy is like saying COVID-19 has caused some inconvenience. He has the run of the house on a good day, and now that there’s no school to save me, it’s impossible to get any work done if I don’t have a door between us. I stopped taking video calls from the bathroom after we got that client complaint*, so that just leaves our optimistically-named walk-in closet. It’s not bad if you don’t suffer from claustrophobia and have a tolerance for extreme heat. In fact, the physical solitude has actually improved my productivity.

Why? Because virtual connectivity is amazing… when you know how to use it.

In the past two days, I have directed a series of short virtual training videos, run a large online executive group training, and actively participated in several more. All from my computer.

This could easily have been a mess. If you don’t have the skills to do it well, virtual communication can be inefficient, frustrating, and counterproductive. But when you know what you’re doing – and at LifeHikes® we do – it can be incredibly powerful. That’s why our focus, as a virtual training company, is on helping our clients get a lot better at it… and quickly.

It’s a funny thing: in normal circumstances, our reliance on virtual connectivity often serves to alienate us. (We’ve all walked into a coffee shop, a restaurant, or an elevator and found every person glued to their phone.) But now that we are actually operating in virtual, it’s become clear that the technology can perform beautifully to connect us and keep us working together. It’s extraordinary to witness.

And if it weren’t for that trampoline, I’d even be able to work tomorrow.

*Our legal department has required that I clarify that this is, in fact, a joke.

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