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Turn From Doubter To Believer

March 1, 2021

On Friday October 9, 2015, Jurgen Klopp, a German soccer coach, walked into his first press conference as Manager of Liverpool FC in front of a room packed with reporters from around the world. The club had underachieved for many years and faced many challenges and doubts. Klopp simply stated that everyone involved had to ‘change from doubters to believers’. Just over four years later, Liverpool FC were World Champions.


By Barry Jameson


Recent years have also brought many challenges in the business world. Covid-19 forced us to change how we interact in our companies and communicate as managers and employees. Beyond the natural concern for the health of family and friends, I’ve spoken to Senior Managers who worry about keeping the connection with their teams, and worry that the increased use of virtual meetings will lead to them losing that special spirit of community and collaboration. They have doubts.

I had those doubts too. Despite delivering online communication training for many years, it was never at this scale. I needn’t have worried. What I’ve seen is people going from novices to experts improving their communication skills, managerial skills, and more. Virtual communication need not be static. It can be dynamic, spontaneous and fun. The sense of community and productivity remains, as the more ‘virtual literate’ team members give communication tips and point out previously unknown features that lead to the ooh’s and aah’s of other team members at these new revelations.

We often say at Own The Room that feedback is a gift. As you hold virtual meetings, give and receive feedback. What worked well? What could be better?​ Making each virtual meeting just 1% better each time can lead to significant improvements in a short time.

Turn from doubter to believer.

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