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Present Powerfully with Slides Like a Pro

January 20, 2021

As a new year takes off, many of you are gearing up presentations for new business or proposed budget spending, or a brilliant departmental plan. You may be thinking, “How can I structure my presentation so that it is clear, concise, and memorable to my audience?” or “Listening to boring a presentation is painful. I don’t want my audience to feel that way.” We can help.

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By Lea Mao

1. Slide Design

Our partner Apple will do a quarterly presentation to consumers to show and explain the achievements of the previous period. In just the second half of 2020, Apple held three product launches and the number of viewers at the second iPhone launch reached 55 million.


Apple clearly understands the art of slide design and knows it is more powerful to convey information through pictures than through words.

Own The Room Tips that Apple uses:

Use extra-large fonts to show the keywords (imagine using 72 font size!).

Keep it to one idea per slide – too many charts and data will make the audience feel lost and confused.

Choose an ultra-high-definition, impactful picture, it’s easier to remember pictures than words.

In addition to relying on excellent presentation skills for PPT slides, how to present is also an indispensable factor. Apple understands this and has conducted several courses with Own The Room, such as “Executive Presence“, “Be Memorable” and “Engaging Your Audience“.

2. Storytelling

How can you ensure your presentation has a clear, structured narrative that engages your listeners?

Tell a story.

Think about “Finding Nemo”, “Toy Story”, “Up”, “Monsters University” and the moments in those movies that have once touched the deep of your heart.

How did they do that? As one of the best storytellers of this century, Pixar understands the importance of emotion. They know how to get their audience to feel empathy, to feel the joy and sorrows with the characters, to immerse themselves in the plot, and to leave a long-lasting memory.

Along with the deep, emotional memories, there is also a clear storyline – the audience can easily remember what happened.

This is all thanks to Pixar’s storytelling method – the six-sentence structure. Try the following structure and describe your favorite movie in six sentences. You will see how simple, easy, and effective it is!

Own The Room Tips:

Try to transform any data into real scenes. In addition, a good story has a good structure. Every fascinating and concise narrative has a logical and clear storyline as the framework. Try to use a six-sentence structure to describe your success story and tell it as a story.

For more presentation tips from Own The Room on storytelling, check out our sessions constructed to make you a master at engaging an audience.Combine Different Approaches: Explore a combination of learning methods, such as using apps for foundational knowledge and participating in project-based learning activities for real-world application.


3. Engage Your Audience

In 2009, Bill Gates gave a Ted Talk speech. The topic was mosquitoes, malaria, and educational issues in Africa. Halfway through the speech, Bill Gates released mosquitoes that were originally enclosed in glass and said:

“There is no reason only poor people should have the experience the attacks of mosquitoes. Don’t worry, these mosquitoes are not infected with the virus.”

Bill Gates used props to stimulate the brains of the audience and the world, allowing the audience to feel what he was describing.

Own The Room Tips:

Use strategic techniques to grab the audience’s attention and let them immerse themselves in the message you want to convey.

Props. Like Bill Gates, use tangible things to make your views and information more memorable.

Jobs. You can assign specific tasks to certain audiences, such as summarizers, timekeepers, decision-makers, etc., and let them participate in your presentation.

Pair Up. Divide the audience into groups and let them discuss the questions or topics you raise. There are no spectators in life – make them feel involved in your presentation.

Want to master these skills and get more practical tips for preparing and delivering a memorable presentation? Own The Room’s virtual session, “Present Powerfully with Slides” you’ll discover expert communication techniques AND effective slide presentation skills to deliver more confident, compelling, and memorable presentations.

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