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Hard Data For Soft Skills

June 17, 2020

If a soft skill becomes measurable, does that make it hard data?

In case you haven’t heard, metrics are the wave of the future. (And the future was yesterday.In an age when our time is at such a premium, we better know in advance that something is going to be worth our while. When it comes to Learning & Development, that translates as: “Will this training drive measurable growth?” And while instincts go a long way, nothing says measurable like a line graph.

Coaches coach because it gives them the glorious opportunity to help people access their potential. At Own The Room, we witness people transforming – often very rapidly – how they communicate with customers, with colleagues, with their families. It’s invigorating, it’s empowering, it’s potentially life-changing. But we could never prove it.

Until now.


By Stuart Luth


LifeHikes® has revolutionized the way people experience our training sessions. It’s moved the needle from: “I can feel I’m getting better” to “I can feel I’m getting better… and the hard data bears it out.” From heat maps that capture your voice range to word clouds that highlight your most common words, we’re now providing robust metrics that let people track their growth, one recording at a time. (The app is also gorgeous, fun to use, and has a great personality.)

You might think that assessing behavior with hard numbers might cause people to shut down in a training. Unless you’re the valedictorian, nobody likes having a number slapped on them. But because the metrics go hand in hand with our coaching – coaching that’s personal, empathetic, and unwaveringly supportive – it does the opposite. People are finding it easier to celebrate the small wins (“My weak language dropped by 8%!” or “Now I’m using 23% of my volume – that’s up from 10%!”)… and becoming more inspired to dive into their growth areas (“I guess I really do say “basically” a lot”).

Human and AI feedback working in tandem. This is how we use technology to promote human development. This is how people discover that they can become measurably better.

And when you can measure it, it becomes real.

Own The Room® and our proprietary LifeHikes® app provide a blended training model for professional development. We’ve integrated our world-class in-person and live virtual training with our AI coaching app to provide a transformative experience that leads to long-lasting results. “Human touch” analysis and robust metrics empower your team to continually hone their online communication and presentation skills with the advantage of our expert communication coaches always by their side. There is no better way to improve your public speaking, business communication, and leadership skills from home.

Our Coaches Are Experts In Unleashing Potential

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