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Your Path To Resilience

Resilience is not a fixed trait that you have or don’t have - it is a skill that can be learned and improved with practice




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Program Overview

Expect the unexpected.  

No amount of preparedness can ready us for delays, disruptions, and difficulties. That's when resiliency steps in. This resource hub will help you build your resilience reserves and give you the tools to overcome obstacles in any situation. 

Siemens Advanta and LifeHikes have partnered to bring you videos, podcasts, a tip sheet, questionnaires, and live training options to help you learn and adapt with greater strength and ease. 

Navigate the video resources and corresponding workbook, tip sheet, and resilience handbook at your own pace. Spend time each week or each month exploring the comprehensive portfolio to help you build resilience. 

You've got this!

Rise Up logo (2)

If the last few years have reminded us of anything, it is that life can be challenging and uncertain. Daily disruptions and adversity are a part of life, both at work - and at home. To successfully overcome obstacles and thrive, we need to navigate change by building resilience as individuals, and as an organization.

The Leadership Team cares about the well-being of every member of Siemens Advanta, and it is important to us that our people stay resilient in this permanently changing environment. This hub offers you a key toolset for building resilience and an opportunity to initiate important conversations.

We encourage you to make full use of the resources available, and to share your stories and learnings in the community forum. One of the best things about being resilient is that you don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s learn and grow together!

- The Siemens Advanta Leadership Team


An ever-changing environment, an unstable work-life balance, and conflicts in professional and personal life are stress contributors and cause of constant challenges in our lives. Building resilience is key to help us face some of these challenges, prevent burn out, effectively navigate through change, and eventually, thrive. It is a skill that we should all learn and apply in our daily lives.

At Siemens Advanta, we put a strong emphasis on the well-being of our people and enabling our teams to stay resilient and relevant. For this reason, we created the RiseUp Resource Hub. Here you can learn more about the topic, build your resilience, find answers to your questions, and participate in conversation with your colleagues.

Enjoy the ride!

- Michael Folwaczny, Head of P&O, Siemens Advanta

Building Resilience


1. What is Resilience?

Learn why change can be challenging, understand what resilience is and get introduced to the Rise Up website.

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2. Responding In Difficult Situations

How do you respond to challenging situations and what does a better response look like. Learn a simple framework to help you deal with difficult situations.  

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3. Energy Management

Energy management. Just like a bank account we, as humans, have constant credits and withdrawals. Avoid energy debt. Learn a simple technique to help keep your energy high,  and maintain a focused mindset throughout the day.   

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4. Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries. What are they and why do we need them? Learn one uncomfortable, yet highly effective, approach that helps strengthen your boundaries in work and in your personal life.  

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5. Relationships - The Key to Resilience

Learn how relationships are key to building resilience. Using a reflective exercise we start to uncover where the potential to foster stronger relationships lies.

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6. Optimistic Outlook

It can be challenging to maintain an optimistic outlook during difficult situations. Discover one important similarity that highly resilient people practice in order to grow a strong solution orientated mindset  

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7. Confidence Part I

In the first of two videos to help us strengthen our confidence, find out the first step we need to take in order to feel more self empowered and confident to take on new challenges.

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8. Confidence Part II

In this second video on confidence, we discuss the second step to actualizing confidence and bringing it into our lives in easy sustainable steps.  

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9. Failing Is Good

In this video we discuss how failure can work for us, not against us. By viewing it as friend rather than foe we can grow our resilience even more.

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10. Reflections and Passing it Forward

In this last video we reflect on our journey, ask ourselves what we will continue to foster in our own lives but also in the lives of our colleagues and team mates.

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Resilience Virtual Training

June 19, 2024

When faced with challenges, resilience is one of the fundamental skills needed to overcome and adapt to all obstacles, be it in work or in life. Adopting a mentally agile mindset can help recognize opportunities, navigate the negative, reduce time wasted on worrying as well as increase productivity and build stronger relationships. This thought provoking and introspective live session will help employees, team members, managers and leaders to befriend disruption and gain the skills needed to excel in a fast-paced, continuously changing environment.​