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Methodology Matters

Proven and trusted by top global leaders, the Fortune 500, startups looking to scale, and communications experts – the LifeHikes methodology gets real results.

Human and Tech Driven

Our proprietary blend of human and technology-driven reporting provides quantitative and qualitative feedback for the most effective experience.

Coaching Session Styles

From in person and live virtual training, to an app that let’s you control your pace and practice, LifeHikes is committed to custom coaching that matches your needs.

What is a LifeHike?

LifeHikes are an educational experience tailored to your needs. Hikes are offered to enhance leadership, communication, sales, and other skills that drive business results.

LifeHikes brings world-class communication training to the palm of your hand, empowering you to improve skills anytime, anywhere. Practice your presentation and get immediate feedback, tips, and expert coaching to instantly become a more confident, compelling communicator.

Through a powerful combination of AI technology, our proven coaching methodology, video exercises, and personalized benchmarking data, LifeHikes helps you improve your delivery in a fast, effective, and engaging way.

Real ratings

Set your baseline and watch your skills improve across the most important aspects of your communication.

Integrated Experience

Use the app alongside any of our in person or live virtual training sessions to see your skill improve.

LifeHikes Reports

scales with you

Whether you're an individual user or a training an entire team of leaders, the LikeHikes ecosystem has a solution that is custom to you.


Our team is here to create an unforgettable experience for you. Our coaching is engaging, effective, and custom to your needs.

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