LifeHikes® brings world-class Own The Room® communication training to the palm of your hand, empowering you to improve your skills anytime, anywhere. Record yourself and get immediate feedback, tips, and expert coaching to instantly become a more confident, compelling communicator.Through a powerful combination of AI technology, our proven coaching methodology, video exercises, and personalized benchmarking data, LifeHikes® helps you improve your delivery in a fast, effective, and engaging way.Highlights:
• Become a more effective, persuasive, and engaging communicator with expert techniques to enhance your language and expand your voice range.
• Interactive lessons featuring world-class communication Coaches and a robust library of topics, prompts, and exercises make learning accessible, easy, and fun.
• Discover breakthroughs with an easy-to-use practice & feedback tool that shows your strengths and areas for improvement. Immediate, personalized, visual reports reveal exactly what worked and what didn’t.
• Immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality scene and practice presenting your content to a realistic audience.
• Track your improvement over time with a personal archive of your recordings.
• LifeHikes® seamlessly integrates with select Own The Room® training programs.